We all want to look our best on any special day. it can be your college farewell, a wedding, or your birthday party. Here I have mentioned 10 most effective ways to achieve that goal. I have calculated this amount of knowledge in past several years. It includes nutrition, grooming, dressing style and a lot more! Everything right here is completely reliable and tested and is backed up with facts. Now all you have to do is just sit back and go through this shot of wisdom! Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!

1) Stay Hydrated

“Gives glow, delays craving for junk”lookgood_1
Everybody knows the benefits of drinking water. you should drink at least 7-8 Glass of water Every day! Now the major question is when to drink water and when not to. Well, if you go for morning walks/jogging, you may drink around half a liter of water around that time. Keep sipping little bit during this routine. Now 30 min.Before every meal of the day and 30 min. after every meal of the day, you may consume a glass of water(around 250 ml). If you go to GYM, drink a glass or two during that if you want, don’t keep drinking, just sip it whenever you need it. It is not recommended to drink water during your meal.You may consume 3.5-4 liter of water every day.


  1. It flushes out toxins from your body in form of urine and sweat
  2. It Promotes Weight Loss as it fastens up the metabolism
  3. It keeps you full, so you stay away from carbs and junk food
  4. It helps in better digestion of food due to better metabolism

2) Exercise every day

“be fit, to get those clothes fit!”lookgood_2
If you Exercise daily your blood circulation and energy level will be good. You will develop discipline and well sleep better at night. Your body language, postures, strength and endurance also builds up. It gives you confidence about your personality also. If you go to the gym, then do super set or giant sets instead of regular sets for this special week but make sure to follow step 6 of this blog also. If you go for morning walks/jogging, make sure you change the course of your track, as your body soon adapts your route and then you don’t get benefits any longer. some Exercises like Squats, Push-Ups, Skipping ropes, stair climbing, cardio, and step 3 . can be done without paying a penny, at home.

3) Practice Plank

“get those postures right!”lookgood_3
It is an ideal exercise that targets your major core muscles. If you do not go to the gym you can still do that. The thing I love about Plank position Exercise is that you can do it almost anywhere and they require very less amount of your time! It targets your abdominal muscles which provide support to your entire back and spinal column. It would help you develop a body language and can improve your postures also. It would be more beneficial if you do this for over 4 weeks or 30 days. Read more about the Plank Challenge from here.

4) Make Videos

“got to learn to deal with people”lookgood_4
Some people lack confidence talking to new people. Maybe they are shy, introvert, little anti-social, have the inferiority complex or there are many traits of your personality that can stop you from approaching people and dealing with them. if you are following all ten steps of this blog, trust me you will be feeling confident. But To build confidence enough to talk to people, you can practice what I am about to tell you now. I figured it out myself, what you have to do is talk about anything and record yourself using your smartphone’s front camera. Why front? well, if you can see yourself while talking, you will automatically improve your body language, eye contact, and facial expressions. It’s true! Try yourself to figure it out. For 7 days, if you talk maybe around 5-15 minutes a day regarding anything you want to, or feel comfortable in.your communication skills will improve. Thus, boosting your confidence while dealing with people also!

5) Wear Good

“look like a man!”lookgood_5
This one is something we all are aware. Always wear something in which you are comfortable. If you wear a shirt that fits you well, it will not come out of your pants abruptly and will maintain your elegance. For Ladies also, dressing up good is real important. No matter how good we are with our thought process, we still judge everybody unintentionally by their appearance. That means that we do judge the book by its cover. If you dress all good, you feel confident and comfortable. You can sit for hours, stand for hours, and also you don’t have to adjust your belt and trousers every then and now in front of the crowd. if you are wearing something old, then if possible get it dry-cleaned or laundered, that makes the clothes look new, and you still will get confidence from your dressing, and will not feel like…”Man! I don’t know if I am looking good!” , also you will not go around asking questions like “Am I looking good?” and all. If you are not buying new clothes and the occasion is important, get them fixed by the dry-cleaners. some things you need to know is that Men usually wear belts, ties, cufflinks, tie pins etc. with their suit. Your suit is if well fitted and custom made, you don’t want to drag attention of the viewer to all these cheap accessories, just keep it simple. A suit usually doesn’t require a belt. But if a Blazer and Jeans is what you are wearing, go for the belt.It’s fine.

6) Nutrition

“Eat clean, look lean! “lookgood_6
This one is real important, like one of the most important in this list. Never ever skip your breakfast, have dinner if possible before 10:30 PM. If possible take 5-6 meals a day! Eat healthily and eat clean. Every gram of Carb holds 3 times water in your body. For an occasion, you will not be wearing T-shirts and sleeveless top wear I guess. Maybe a saree or a Suit or any kind of formal wear. The major part of your body that will be visible to the crowd is not your legs, biceps etc. It is your face!
To reduce fat from your face you may use face yoga if you have more than a couple of weeks. But spot reduction of fat is not possible at the gym, you have to do overall fat loss. But If you think you look bulky, obese, unhealthy…then you can follow this tip.

Cut carbs from your diet, and consume around 200 gms carbs a day only! 3 days before the occasion cut carbs down to 50g. Eat no oats, fruits, roti/chapati, quinoa, potato! No carbs. Avoid oily food and food containing fats. When you cut down the carbs, your body will loose its water weight.

But What you can eat during this period is:

  1. Vegetables(cooked, stir-fried, boiled, raw etc.)
  2. Chicken breast, Fish, Paneer
  3. Beans or Lentils
  4. Nuts
  5. Green Tea
  6. Egg Whites(whole egg contains up to 4-5g of fat, avoid fat)
  7. Salad
  8. Non-Fat Milk

With this routine, your body will look better in those clothes you choose after hours of thinking and trials, also you will be free to consume anything in the party maybe liquor or junk, well…who knows about the opportunity right?

7) Sleep Well

“Feel good”lookgood_7
There are several benefits i am just letting you know few of them. If you sleep well, it keeps your heart, weight, and hair healthy. Bad sleep makes more of stress hormone cortisol that increases stress. Good sleep also prevents dark circles. If your body takes a good amount of rest, you will probably have a good start of your day. Good sleep helps you wake up early too!

8) Don’t drive

“maintains style and grace”lookgood_8
This is a small tip if you have to go to a party or any gathering…Don’t prefer driving to that place. The seat belt may mess with your shirt, and you probably can lose that calm of your face if you get stuck in a jam. Also, you may sweat more while driving, maybe while trying to find that good parking spot! So what to do? carpool with a friend or take a cab (maybe Uber or Ola) to the destination. stay calm, keep your clothes tidy, relax and stay positive, as you are about to have a good time. If you are completely comfortable with driving , and these factors do not apply to you, also if you prefer personal conveyance of transport or maybe as a style statement…then you may skip this tip.


“look good, when they come close”lookgood_9
If you that 9-5 or any kind of job that tans up your face. Maybe You need a facial. Well, that completely depends on your skin type, for people who get tanned easily or if your skin is oily…you guys should go for this tip. Go for a light facial or de-tan or something.

If you are a man with a beard, don’t get clean shaved at the day of the party, not a night before. Those cuts and baby skin may not give the perfect look for everybody. Consider shaving a day before. Using after shave will be good. If you want to go for a beard, make sure it is evenly trim or styled.

If your breath smells bad, carry a mouth freshener with you,carry sugar-free gums with you. Who knows what opportunity you might get if you know what I mean.

Wear perfumes instead of deodorants if possible. in either case, Fragrances like musk, sandalwood, oudh are known for lasting long. use perfumes on the back of the neck, on wrists, behind ears, little on your clothes. use deodorant on your body, little on clothes.it often helps you sweat less.

Manscaping might be a preference for some guys, depending on their goals after party of course. You can use wax or a trimmer for your hair removal if you want. Also, a body razor may help, but don’t do it on the day of occasion or a day before, do it couple days back. Before going for trimmer and razors wet your hair and pat them dry and keep using moisturizers in between. Shave gel will be good for shaving hair, as you will be able to see your screen more clearly.

10) Wear that smile buddy

“last, but just can’t be the least”lookgood_10
No doubt! If you look smart, handsome, lean and sharp maybe, it’s perfect! But what make other people and especially the girls…approach you? why would people be wanting to talk to you when Everybody is looking good, a smile! A smile can probably boost your personality up to 10 times no matter what! Stay happy, but don’t wear that fake smile to impress. Stay with you friends, maybe family or relative. crack jokes, enjoy the part, have a good time… to smile naturally. Approach your friends and bosses and greet/meet them. That makes you a lot more approachable and boosts your confidence for life. If You look cheerful, you look full of life, That’s the ultimate key to getting new friends, develop some network, get few phone numbers maybe. That’s it,simple isn’t it?


If you follow all these, you definitely are going to rock the party. Just don’t stand in a corner looking good, get in between the crowd, approach some…let some people approach you. Look lean, great, handsome, sharp, smell fantastic and wear well-fitting clothes. But don’t ever forget to keep that smile and stay confident…you will do good no doubt! I wish you luck!

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