Mojito is basically a very famous Cocktail made using around 5 ingredients.

It is very simple to make and is very refreshing due to its minty flavor especially in summers.



  1. Mint Leaves
  2. Sugar
  3. Lime Juice
  4. White Rum
  5. Soda Water
  6. Crushed Ice

How to make it?

  1. First, we will take a couple of Mint leaves in a glass and mash it with a muddler. Then you will add either a sugar and lime juice mixture and then stir it, or you can add sugar…mash it with muddler then add lime juice and stir it.We mash the Mint leaves to release its essential oils. You can also add lemon wedges and mash them instead of adding lemon juice.
  2. Now at this point either you can add white rum or vodka Stir it well. Now almost fill the glass up with crushed ice.
  3. Now all you have to do is add soda water to fill the glass.
  4. That’s it! enjoy your cocktail! it is one of the most famous rum-based highballs!

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