Desire, Yearn, Thirst, we all go through these feelings every day. Be it a Car or a Mate, for a being like Human, it is impossible to not desire something. We spend all our life longing for something and satisfying those curbs that we intact with our heart, mind, and soul. And this never ending process of yearning goes on until the time we reach a bliss point in our life. This bliss point can be anything …your death bed or grown up subconscious self.
There are the things that are necessary for our survival. And those things are things we need. Everything else falls into the category of “Want”, that may not be necessary for our survival but somehow through our rational mind, it is allied with our need and soon the “Want” to owe a Car became “Need” to owe a car.

So, first of all, we have to clear our thoughts about the needs and wants. What is that teeny-tiny difference between the need and want which will create a whole lot of difference in your life? If Cloth, Shelter, Food, and Water are our only needs then what are the wants that we need to have?

When we talk about are our needs, the thing that first crosses our mind is – Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Water. Also, we can say that Need is more of an objective entity; it is associated with the requirements for our physical own to survive.

What happens when you need something?


So when you need something, your subconscious mind creates a “MUST HAVE” in your mind which tells you that- You must have it. It can be anything- Love, Affection or an object like a fancy car. But what happens when you don’t get what you need?

  1. You become more of a desperate or incorrigible person. You become more of a materialistic person whose dignity, sanity or self-esteem lies in that object or thing.
  2. You become more of a materialistic person whose dignity, sanity or self-esteem lies in that object or thing.
  3. It causes Depression or Stress.
  4. Creates a feeling of failure
  5. Makes you sad and disappointed.

Surely all this happens when we think that we “NEED”- which means we won’t be able to live without it.
But Want is subjective; in this, a person wants to have more out of everything he has. For example, we not only need a shelter to live, we want the sense of belonging and love over there. We not only need clothes to wear, we want acceptance and attention from others.
Thus, Human Being is the biggest “WANTER”. We are and we will always be the biggest “WANTER”. But what happens when we don’t get what we want?

What happens when we don’t get what we want?


In this case, our brain doesn’t create a “MUST HAVE” situation. And therefore we still understand the fact that owning a MARUTI and wanting an AUDI is alright. So,

  1. It won’t affect our self-esteem.
  2. It won’t stress or depress us.
  3. You will be able to shift your desires as it is easy to change your wants than your needs.
  4. You will learn to let go.

Learn to yearn for the right thing

Make Short achievable Goals


First of all, make realistic goals. Ask yourself these questions. Is your goal achievable? How close are you to your goals? Don’t fall for the things that seem easily achievable or fancy from distance. Make short and smart goals to reach the bigger goals in life.

Risk Analysis

Analyze the risks you are taking to achieve that “Want”. Don’t only go with your heart. Go with your heart and your brain altogether. Understand the fact that there is no bigger want than the satisfaction you earn when you meet your want and if that want costs you more than what it should. Don’t run after it.

Appreciate Yourself

Learn to appreciate yourself. It is the most crucial thing that you can do with yourself. Forget that mistaken belief that praising yourself makes you haughty. You should and you must give yourself the credit for how far you have reached.

Channelize your requirements

If somehow, for various reasons you are not able to achieve or receive what you want. Accept it gracefully. Don’t attach your self-esteem and ego with that thing. Move on. Live it up.

Use Patience

Use Patience as your armor. Don’t confuse your frustration with your patience. There is nothing unnatural in being frustrated for some time. Learn to let go.

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